About Trinitas

We are an international financial and investment firm that delivers bespoke financial services including capital strategies and investment management to a diverse clientele of individuals, companies, and organizations across various sectors worldwide.

Trinitas Investments

“If you nurture nature, nature nurtures.”

We believe that real, lasting wealth and success can be accomplished by harnessing our unlimited human potential and leveraging the true power of nature.

At Trinitas Investments, we serve purpose-driven organizations and individuals to access capital, resources, relationships, and opportunities that lead to their thriving success.

That’s why we partner with exceptional, top-notched private firms around the world that share our core values and vision.

We serve you silver-platter solutions so you can focus on what you are best at. This is our outcomes-focused, values-centered commitment to you.

Akin to the Suez Canal of the finance world, we make your path to extraordinary success a smooth transition.


Our differential

Money without purpose is meaningless

At Trinitas, everything we do is driven by purpose. Our steadfast focus on purpose, impact, and creating value, as well as generating financial wealth, is fundamental to the success we create for our clients and investors that makes a real difference.

First comes relationships. Then comes business.

We prioritize and value our relationship with you above all else. We cultivate honest, real, meaningful, and multidimensional relationships with real people who want to make a difference and create value in this world.

We create a lifetime relationship with you.

When we partner with clients, we are in it for the long haul. We take pride in increasing our investors’ returns and leading companies to greater success.

Boutique enough for a personalized touch. Large enough to be your world-class partner.

We believe in serving those who have a genuine need for our services and expertise and serving them well. We are small enough to be personal, yet our competence spans wide to deliver world-class services.

Our network is exclusive yet global and diverse.

There is no one-size-fits-all in business and in life. Our vast network allows us to deliver highly bespoke solutions across a wide range of sectors. Each client or investor receives carefully curated services and solutions.

Your success is our success.

No goal is too great for us. We place extremely high standards for our clients’ and investors’ success and are able to solidly execute on our audacious goals.


3 Core Principles

investment sectors

Our Trusted Partners

Backed by worldwide industry leaders and a global network, our trusted partners form a crucial role in our firm’s approach to success:


Trinitas Investments is an active member in the following international associations:

About the Founder & Managing Director

Marene Ter

“How can we transform a small ripple of change, to a global impact phenomenon that lasts forever ?”

With an innate flair in building trustworthy relationships across borders, a vast understanding of the global financial markets, economics, and private wealth sector, combined with a relentless commitment to purpose-driven success, Marene founded Trinitas Investments as a global investment firm to build wealth and success for impact-focused organizations and investors.
In solid partnerships with global alliance partners, Marene focuses on expanding investor relationships and delivering investment opportunities to investors, as well as deploying risk mitigation and business development strategies for portfolio companies.
With strategic, high caliber partnerships and investment networks across the US, UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and Asia, Marene currently works with international companies in renewable energy, water technology, clean technology, financial and banking technology, aviation, and luxury real estate totaling over US$950M in funding capital.

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