Capital strategies

We provide tailored advice and services to organizations that are navigating through the complex world of capital raise, mergers and acquisitions, financing and other transactions.

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Capital raise

  • Not all money is made equal. The right capital from the right investors can lead your company to great success.
  • We serve organizations requiring external capital to fund their growth by providing advice, strategy, and investor relationships. Our investor relationships include private investors, private equity and venture capital firms, sovereign wealth funds, impact funds, and family offices worldwide.
  • Our criteria for partnering with our capital raise clients are predominantly driven by our investors’ mandates, our core investing philosophies, and the maturity of the company seeking capital.
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From private debt financing to green bonds, we offer a variety of financing solutions to suit the complex capital requirements of large scale infrastructure, real estate development and energy projects.
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Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions

One of the most significant transactions in an organization’s journey, we provide buy-side and sell-side advice and services to our clients on mergers and acquisitions.
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