Trinitas Private

We are a private investment team that invests and manages growth investments for our exclusive group of individual investors and family offices.

With great money comes great responsibility ...

Building Multigenerational Wealth Through Exceptional Stewardship

Money is power.

It is power to control and take care of the world. We are built to have things to care for. 

The more money we have, the more of the world belongs to us to cultivate and care for.

Money therefore, answers something very deep in our created nature.

We were created not for money; rather, we were created to hold things in trust for someone else; to care for and cultivate things …

—  Work & Wealth, Gospel In Life Podcast by Tim Keller

Meet our

Investment team

Our team collectively possesses diverse skill sets and industry expertise across private and publicly listed investments, private debt funding, fund and asset management, venture capital and private equity investments, and property developments.

Creating Wealth with our

Investment Strategy

Our investment team utilizes a 7-stage investment process when considering investment opportunities. The objective of this process is to deliver competitive returns and mitigate investment risks.

Our investments are focused on an optimized combination of capital and interest returns. 

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